Notebook Critters 6-Month Dateless Planner

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***PLEASE NOTE: Since these are customizable, they are made to order! Please expect a processing delay!

This is a profanity-free item (sadly) but feel free to scribble your own swear words all over it!

- 160 pages/80 sheets. 32 lb paper. Hardcover, wire-bound (the color varies, will be chosen at random)
- Full-color pages!
- 8 1/4 x 5 3/4" (21 x 14.5 cm). about 1/2" (1.2cm) thick
- info page
-6 months, 30 weeks, and extra note pages!
- stickers for months, days, dates to be used for the monthly spreads. also includes event stickers and some bonus critters!
- a handy dandy pocket page to store stuff
- all lovingly (and frustratingly) designed, handmade and assembled by me


I decided to have options for the weekly layout since everyone has their own preferences on how they like their planners set up so feel free to check out the images and choose which one you want!

Layout 1: Mon to Thurs on L side. Fri, Sat/Sun split and notes box on R side
Layout 2: Mon to Thurs on L side. Fri to sun and notes box on R side
Layout 3: Mon to Fri on L side. Sat, Sun and notes box on R side
Layout 4: Mon to Sun on L side. Full page for notes on R side
Layout 5: Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat on L side. Wed, Thur, Sun and notes box on R side. meant to go across both pages (Mon - Thurs across the top, Friday - Sun + notes below)